Digital and DSP


  • Multirate I/Q Signal Processing for communication systems (M. Valkama and M. Renfors)
    PDF: Local pdf
  • Modulation and Demodulation Techniques in Communication Systems (Nasa)
    PDF: Local pdf
  • An Introduction to Sigma Delta Conversion (AN9504, Intersil)
    PDF: Local pdf
  • Demystifying Delta-Sigma ADCs (app 1870, Maxim)
    PDF: Local pdf
    Source: Site link
  • Digital Signal processing online book series (J. O. Smith, Stanford)
    Site link: Site link
  • Site link to all EU material: Source link
  • Java Applets on Control and DSP (Johns Hopkins University)
    Site Link: Site link
  • Introduction to Digital Filters (J. O. Smith III, On-line Book)
    Site Link: Site Link